State-of-the-Art Projects With a Local Touch

Over the decades, Molzen Corbin has left its imprint on the Southwestern landscape by focusing on solutions that elevate our beauty and way of life. By blending superlative design with local aesthetic, we don’t simply set engineering and architectural standards, we exceed them; delivering new and innovative masterpieces that communities can take pride in.

Water & Wastewater

With a deep respect for our natural environment and demonstrated commitment to preserving natural habitats, Molzen Corbin is dedicated to protecting and purifying one of the Southwest’s most precious resources—water. In designing systems that reduce waste, recycle water, and provide clean drinking water, we not only lead the industry, but also our fellow New Mexicans towards a better, healthier future.

Architecture & Landscape Design

With an expert approach to everyday solutions, Molzen Corbin is proud to enhance New Mexico's built environment. Providing architecture and landscape architecture consultations, we take your vision and bring it to life, as we have with many well-known attractions across the state, such as The Pit at UNM, Los Lunas Transportation Center, and Santa Fe Airport Terminal.

Transportation Engineering

Whether through residential roadways or commercial highways, we do more than build roads—we connect people. Applying 60 years of expertise, we develop safe, efficient, economical infrastructure for a wide range of transportation solutions. From design to construction management, Molzen Corbin is dedicated to growing our communities.


Molzen Corbin leads the Southwest in providing comprehensive, high-quality airport design and planning services. From ensuring industry standards are met to incorporating unique style elements, we build airport infrastructure that is not only functional, but inspiring to those who are on travel. Utilizing only the best materials and processes, trust Molzen Corbin for quality airport engineering and architecture, from conception to completion.

Electrical & Mechanical

From power generation and distribution to heating and cooling systems, Molzen Corbin is proud to offer both electrical and mechanical engineering services throughout the Southwest! Combining industry expertise with the latest tools and techniques, we not only build solutions to power up our communities, but rather solutions that empower it, growing our economy and development.

Signature Projects

Latest News

2024 ACEC Grand Conceptor Award

Molzen Corbin and the Albuquerque Sunport were selected for the 2024 ACEC New Mexico Grand Conceptor award for our work on improving the ABQ Sunport’s emergency power system. This new system prov...

2022 Envision Silver Award

Molzen Corbin is honored to present this award to the New Mexico Department of Transportation Commission, Secretary, and District Engineer on behalf of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure....