2024 ACEC Grand Conceptor Award

Molzen Corbin and the Albuquerque Sunport were selected for the 2024 ACEC New Mexico Grand Conceptor award for our work on improving the ABQ Sunport’s emergency power system. This new system provides stable, continuous power supply during emergencies, but also enhances public safety and provides the capacity for airport growth.

The ABQ Sunport experienced multiple high-profile power outages in 2019, the largest of which lasted five hours, impacted more than 4,000 passengers, and forced the cancellation of over 30 flights. The necessary upgrades were carried out in four phases: assessing the current system, evaluating emerging technologies, designing a new system, and overseeing construction. Molzen Corbin was awarded the Grand Conceptor award for the Sunport Emergency Power Supply, Generator & Flywheel.

We are proud to support the great vision of the ABQ Sunport team and are fortunate to continue a great relationship that has lasted 50 years!