Why Molzen Corbin?

Committed to our local communities and their success, Molzen Corbin strives to advance design and construction throughout the Southwest, and beyond that, its beauty and way of life. Composed of a complex and unique team of individuals, we take pride in creating a family-like atmosphere and adhering to strong work ethic values as a part of our mission to plan and execute a multitude of engineering and architecture projects that allow our communities to continue to grow and thrive.

As one of the most respected and successful engineering and architecture consulting firms in New Mexico, Molzen Corbin searches for dynamic individuals interested in working and growing in a high-energy environment. We employ professionals in the disciplines of civil, water resources, and electrical engineering, as well as architecture, landscape architecture, and planning. We also employ an array of administrative professionals that support our technical functions.

Become an Employee-Owner

When you join Molzen Corbin, you become an owner. In 2020, Molzen Corbin ownership transitioned to 100% employee-owned, to enable employees to share in the growth and prosperity of the company and to provide the benefit of a stable, generous retirement fund.

“We spend so much time at the workplace that it’s a real blessing that Molzen Corbin has a family-like atmosphere where respect and service is the culture. As a result, we can really blossom as professionals and quality products are the result.”


“It takes a unique organization to maintain client partnerships for as many years that we have served various communities. I am proud to have been a part of that rich history now for over 60 years!”


“Self-esteem and success at work go hand-in-hand. At Molzen Corbin, I’ve been able to experience the joy of sharing ideas and solutions with colleagues and clients by being empowered as part of a team and part of a community.”


“Working at Molzen Corbin is like a big family -- the culture of caring about employees and their families, clients, and communities is unmatched.”


For those just starting out, finding a clear path can be daunting. Our early-stage professionals get the chance to experiment, try new things, and find their unique fit, all while meeting people who can advise them along the way. With rotational opportunities and direct access to business leaders, your experience will accelerate your career while contributing to our clients’ success.
Challenge Yourself
We drive success and positive change for our clients, our people and our communities. Our projects make a difference for others, but they are also challenging and rewarding for you.
Grow Your Potential
Our learning and development experts help team members develop the skills they need to achieve their personal and professional goals. We provide continuing education resources to our licensed professionals to actively support you through every step in your career.
Making an Impact
Civil engineers impact the communities around them through their work every day. Our team members are passionate about serving their communities, and we are dedicated to supporting their interests and helping them find ways to give back.

Available Opportunities

Human Resources Assistant

Project Manager


Technical Designer / Architect

Administrative Associate

Transportation Engineer / Project Manager

Civil Engineering Intern / Graduate

Civil Design Technician / Specialist

Water Resources Design Technician / Specialist

Water Resources Engineer

Electrical Engineering Intern / Graduate

Electrical Design Specialist