University of New Mexico




260,698 sf


$60 Million

The reinvention of the PIT was an exercise in imagination and creativity. A fundamental design challenge for Molzen Corbin architects in renovating the UNM PIT Arena was to retain the magic of the iconic, historic facility while ramping up its persona and transforming the facility into an urban asset, creating a sense of pride for UNM and the State of New Mexico. Under the leadership of UNM Athletics and the guidance of Molzen Corbin and the design team, the PIT is now transformed into a historic basketball venue that is an attractive, accessible, technologically advanced sports destination. In all, the project encompassed a total combined facility of 260,698 square feet, which included the renovation of 164,622 square feet, demolition of 14,233 square feet, addition of 55,757 square feet, and remodel of the 26,086 square-foot Davalos Center.

Scope of Work

Architecture, Landscaping, Electrical Engineering