From planning, to design, and through construction, Molzen Corbin provides professional engineering services on infrastructure projects until they are complete, functioning and reliable for our clients. To that end, we not only provide Construction Administration services, but also Construction Observation services during the construction of the project. Construction Administration is commonly a part of our Basic Design Services where Molzen Corbin proactively tracks every project’s progress to meet our clients’ needs on time, within budget. With our highly experienced observers, Molzen Corbin provides construction observation services to facilitate the successful completion of your projects.

Elements of Expertise

Construction Administration

  • Respond to Requests for Information (RFI)
  • Review contractor shop drawings and submittals
  • Review and approve monthly pay estimates
  • Conduct periodic site visits
  • Schedule regular progress meetings and reports with client and funding agencies
  • Process Field Orders
  • Process Change Orders
  • Conduct pre-final and final inspections
  • Issue letter of substantial completion
  • Prepare Record Drawings
  • Conduct Annual Warranty Inspections
  • Project surveying
  • Project mapping
  • Project database services
  • Fully registered and certified surveyors

Construction Observation

  • Full time on-site observations
  • Verification of contractor performance
  • Compliance with contract drawings
  • Compliance with specifications
  • Review of contractor pay estimates
  • Preparation of daily inspection reports of construction progress
  • Review installed quantities for progress payments
  • Prepares specialty reports for materials such as concrete and asphalt
  • Conducts specialty compliance testing for water and wastewater piping
  • Monthly review of contractor’s record drawings
  • Preparation of project punch-lists for incomplete items
  • Attends pre-final and final inspections

Our Expert

Mike Provine, P.E.