Bosque Farms Wastewater Collection System

Bosque Farms Wastewater Collection System ClientBosque Farms Completion1999 (Phase I) 2002 (Phase II) Size47,400 LF Sewer Line 500,000 GPD Cost$4,083,460 The Village of Bosque Farms is a rural community located approximately 15 miles south of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Wastewater in the community had historically been treated using on-site systems. To address concerns about ground water contamination from these on-site systems, … Read More

Los Alamos Wastewater Treatment Plant

Los Alamos Wastewater Treatment Plant ClientLos Alamos Completion2007 Size1.4 MGD Cost$12,254,643 Molzen Corbin has remained at the forefront of wastewater engineering, making state-of-the-art systems accessible and affordable to communities across the State. For Los Alamos County, Molzen Corbin designed an award-winning facility that balances process, hydraulics, civil, architectural, and electrical components with protecting and preserving the environmentally-sensitive site location in … Read More

Los Lunas Wastewater Treatment Plant

Los Lunas Wastewater Treatment Plant ClientLos Lunas Completion2011 Size1.8 MGD Cost$14,957,565 The Village of Los Lunas Wastewater Treatment Facility, designed by Molzen Corbin, was awarded the 2011 Engineering Excellence Awards by both the New Mexico Chapter and National Organization of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC). The facility was one of the first membrane bioreactor (MBR) treatment plants in … Read More

Ruidoso Wastewater Treatment Plant

Ruidoso Wastewater Treatment Plant ClientRuidoso Completion2012 Size2.7 MGD Cost$6,833,268 A state-of-the-art design was accomplished by the Molzen Corbin team, by carefully placing divider walls to achieve maximum reactor process efficiencies, varying recycle points and quantities using computer modeling, and strategically placing chemical inputs to minimize chemical costs based on reaction kinetics. The challenges faced during the two-year construction period were … Read More

Sandia Pueblo Wastewater Treatment Plant

Sandia Pueblo Wastewater Treatment Plant ClientSandia Pueblo Completion2013 Size0.8 MGD (Support for expansion up to 1.6 MGD Cost$9,597,700 Molzen Corbin evaluated the Pueblo of Sandia’s existing wastewater treatment facilities, which did not provide sufficient treatment and hydraulic capacity to meet the community and enterprise needs. The Pueblo wanted a new treatment plant that exceeded current EPA effluent discharge limits and … Read More

Chama Oxidating Ditch Wastewater Treatment Plant

Chama Oxidating Ditch Wastewater Treatment Plant ClientChama Completion2018 Size100,000 GPD Cost$7,779,842 The Village of Chama’s new WWTP features an innovative spin on a robust and reliable technology to accomplish biological nutrient removal (BNR). Biological modeling was performed to ensure that treatment basins and other design components adequately considered Chama’s challenging environmental conditions. The new WWTP is a colossal achievement – … Read More

Los Lunas Interceptor System Improvements

Los Lunas Interceptor System Improvements ClientLos Lunas Completion2009 (Phase II) Size34,000 LF Sewer Line Cost$5,389,457 (Phase II) Molzen Corbin has provided on-call engineering services to the Village of Los Lunas since the 1960s. Rapid growth and development in the community prompted the Village to engage Molzen Corbin to prepare a Sewer System Improvement Study and to design the improvements. To … Read More

Anthony Wastewater Treatment Plant

Anthony Wastewater Treatment Plant ClientAWSD Completion1995 Size0.98 MGD Cost$2,049,000 Molzen Corbin has worked with AWSD since 1982, and we designed a new 0.98 mgd facility on the same site as the existing plant while accommodating a tight timeframe and keeping the existing plant operational during construction. The new treatment facility was designed as an activated sludge system containing all process … Read More

Las Cruces Wastewater Treatment Plant

Las Cruces Wastewater Treatment Plant ClientLas Cruces Completion2008 Size13.9 MGD Cost$11,493,671 Molzen Corbin has a long-standing relationship with the city of Las Cruces that includes almost all work on the City’s 13.9 mgd wastewater treatment plant. The plant was designed by Molzen Corbin in the 1980s, and numerous modifications have been made in the ensuing years. One of the more … Read More

Las Vegas Effluent Re-use Improvements

Las Vegas Effluent Re-use Improvements ClientCity of Las Vegas Completion2006 Size250,000 Gallon Cost$1,978,200 The City needed to serve multiple parks and athletic fields using a limited infrastructure with effluent reuse water stored in a 250,000-gallon steel reservoir at the City of Las Vegas treatment plant. Due to effective planning and an innovative design and “timesharing” approach, a single pipe now … Read More