Las Cruces




13.9 MGD



Molzen Corbin has a long-standing relationship with the city of Las Cruces that includes almost all work on the City’s 13.9 mgd wastewater treatment plant. The plant was designed by Molzen Corbin in the 1980s, and numerous modifications have been made in the ensuing years. One of the more recent improvements was to the facility’s headworks. We replaced the headworks with new covered bar screens and grit basin. We also added compost biofilters to both the headworks and the lift station. In addition, Molzen Corbin engineered a new 614,000-gallon equalization basin that allows the plant to maintain a steady flow to effectively use the existing capacity of the downstream treatment units. The equalization basin was also fully enclosed and exhaust air was treated by compost biofilters to minimize odors.

Scope of Work

Water Resources Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Grants/Funding, Architectural, Construction Observation/Administration