0.98 MGD



Molzen Corbin has worked with AWSD since 1982, and we designed a new 0.98 mgd facility on the same site as the existing plant while accommodating a tight timeframe and keeping the existing plant operational during construction. The new treatment facility was designed as an activated sludge system containing all process components within the circular walls to reduce the facility’s overall footprint. This included the aeration basins, clarifier, and sludge thickener with the ultra-violet ray disinfection unit in proximity. Most recently Molzen Corbin has prepared an Energy Audit on the WWTP, which resulted in the design of improvements to the blowers, aeration system, and UV system. We also recently completed a WWTP PER, which will be used to leverage funding for WWTP expansion and renovations.

Scope of Work

Water Resources Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Grants/Funding, Architectural, Construction Observation/Administration