Los Alamos




1.4 MGD



Molzen Corbin has remained at the forefront of wastewater engineering, making state-of-the-art systems accessible and affordable to communities across the State. For Los Alamos County, Molzen Corbin designed an award-winning facility that balances process, hydraulics, civil, architectural, and electrical components with protecting and preserving the environmentally-sensitive site location in Pueblo Canyon -- all within the County’s budgetary parameters. Molzen Corbin designed a new state-of-the-art BNR (biological nutrient removal) wastewater treatment facility for the County of Los Alamos. The facility has an initial capacity of 1.4 mgd and provisions have been made to easily expand to meet more stringent nitrogen and phosphorus limits in the future with the addition of another aeration basin.

Scope of Work

Water Resources Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Drainage Engineering, Construction Observation/Administration