Moriarty Crosswind Runway 18-36

Moriarty Crosswind Runway 18-36 ClientMoriarty Completion2012 Size6,200 x 75 Feet Cost$2,048,100 Molzen Corbin planned, designed and performed construction administration services for the construction of the new crosswind runway at Moriarty Municipal Airport. The project actually was conceived in 1998 in the Airport Action Plan. Molzen Corbin assisted in coordinating the environmental assessment mitigation, the land acquisition and all of the … Read More

Santa Fe Municipal Airport Taxiway F Extension

Santa Fe Municipal Airport Taxiway F Extension ClientSanta Fe Municipal Airport Completion2015 SizeN/A Cost$1,309,868 Taxiway F was extended from Runway 15-33 to the Runway 10 approach. This was a follow-up project to a previous relocation of Taxiway F from the apron to the midfield intersection. Master planning at the time indicated a new, safer Taxiway F route to improve safety … Read More

Lea County Regional Airport Runway Safety Area Expansion

Lea County Regional Airport Runway Safety Area Expansion ClientLea County Regional Airport (Hobbs) Completion2020 Size620-foot Drainage Culvert Cost$1,405,000 The runway safety area (RSA) for Runway 3-21 needed to be expanded to 1,000 feet to meet the Federal Aviation Administration requirement allowing for larger aircraft. This presented a unique challenge as a drainage channel sat just inside the required RSA. To … Read More

Spaceport Water & Sewer Systems

Spaceport Water & Sewer Systems ClientSpaceport Completion2011 Size4 Wells 1.3-Gallon Water Tank 63,000 LF Water Supply Line 14,950 LF Water Transmission Line 17,300 LF Wastewater Collection Line 20,000-Gallon Effluent Tank Cost$9,700,000 The location of Spaceport America in a region with limited water resources made it necessary to use and re-use available water as efficiently as possible.  Water: Developing a sustainable … Read More

Runway 4-22 and Taxiway A Reconstruction

Runway 4-22 and Taxiway A Reconstruction ClientDouble Eagle II, City of Albuquerque Completion2009 Size7,400 x 100 Feet Cost$5,300,000 ARRA and AIP funding combined made this project possible. Runway 4-22, Taxiway A, and all connector taxiways were demolished and repaved. Lighting improvements include new cabling, LED edge lights, and signs. Existing pavement and base course were pulverized, blended, and recycled as … Read More

Double Eagle II Access Road Realignment

Double Eagle II Access Road Realignment ClientDouble Eagle II, City of Albuquerque Completion2009 SizeN/A Cost$962,627.56 The north and south access road (Paseo del Volcan) interchange leading into the Double Eagle II Airport had a compound curve that was a safety issue and was partial cause of several serious traffic accidents since the alignment was constructed in 1995. Molzen Corbin redesigned … Read More

Runway 17-35 Rehabilitation Project

Runway 17-35 Rehabilitation Project ClientColfax County Airport at Angel Fire Completion2013 Size8,900 x 100 Feet Cost$1,424,298 The Angel Fire Airport is located in the most demanding climate for pavements in New Mexico: extreme cold, clay soils, and high elevation. Since the 1980s, Molzen Corbin has addressed all improvements at the Airport, including the Runway 17-35 Rehabilitation Project. The project goal … Read More

Albuquerque International Sunport Terminal Apron

Albuquerque International Sunport Terminal Apron ClientAlbuquerque International Sunport, City of Albuquerque CompletionPh. I: 2006 Ph. II: 2009 Ph. III: 2016 SizeMulti-Phased CostPh. I: $25,105,000 Ph. II: $10,612,449 Ph. III: $3,847,000 Molzen Corbin designed and managed the $25-million, Phase I reconstruction of the terminal apron, which involved the installation of more than 100,000 square yards of 16-inch-thick unreinforced concrete pavement and … Read More

Spaceport America Runway 16-34

Spaceport America Runway 16-34 ClientSpaceport America Completion2010 Size10,000 x 200 Feet Cost$27,000,000 This project consisted of a new concrete paved runway, 10,000 feet long and 200 feet wide, with 14-inch-thick concrete pavement. Molzen Corbin was involved in this project from the very first planning stages, including wind analysis to set the proper runway alignment, and continued through the project design … Read More