Albuquerque International Sunport, City of Albuquerque


Ph. I: 2006
Ph. II: 2009
Ph. III: 2016




Ph. I: $25,105,000
Ph. II: $10,612,449
Ph. III: $3,847,000

Molzen Corbin designed and managed the $25-million, Phase I reconstruction of the terminal apron, which involved the installation of more than 100,000 square yards of 16-inch-thick unreinforced concrete pavement and the challenge of keeping airport operations running smoothly during construction. Alkaline silica reactivity (ASR) had caused the apron’s concrete to fracture and fail, damaging adjacent buildings. The original asphalt was recycled in the modification of sub-grade soils, the new concrete pavement was installed, and a new storm drain was installed. The first two phases concentrated on heavily used pavements along the taxi routes to the aircraft gates and at the gates themselves. Phase III reconstructed asphalt and concrete pavements at the commuter airline apron and gate, the “Remain-Over-Night” aircraft parking apron, and areas adjacent to the baggage area.

Scope of Work

Airport Engineering, Funding/Grants, Construction Observation/Administration