4 Wells
1.3-Gallon Water Tank
63,000 LF Water Supply Line
14,950 LF Water Transmission Line
17,300 LF Wastewater Collection Line
20,000-Gallon Effluent Tank



The location of Spaceport America in a region with limited water resources made it necessary to use and re-use available water as efficiently as possible. 

Water: Developing a sustainable and reliable water resource was critical to the success of Spaceport America. A completely new community water system, including all components of supply, storage, transmission and distribution, was developed by Molzen Corbin’s design team. The process included a detailed water exploratory program and the drilling of 11 pilot holes for water supply. In addition, Molzen Corbin designed a new 1.3-million-gallon steel water storage tank.

Wastewater: Molzen Corbin developed a wastewater treatment facility that can manage a wide range of flows anticipated at the Spaceport. Molzen Corbin also designed a wastewater recycling facility and storage tank to allow Spaceport America to beneficially re-use 100% of all reclaimed wastewater for Class B uses, including landscaping irrigation and other non-potable uses.

Scope of Work

Airport Engineering, Grants/Funding, Water, Wastewater