Aggie Memorial Synthetic Turf Replacement and Drainage Project

Aggie Memorial Synthetic Turf Replacement and Drainage Project ClientNew Mexico State University Completion2015 SizeN/A Cost$1,214,304 As part of our on-call contract, NMSU tasked Molzen Corbin with designing the replacement of the natural turf on the Aggie Memorial Football Stadium with a synthetic turf. Challenges on this project included the drainage for the site, as well as the perimeter connections or … Read More

I-25 MP 155.5 Drainage Study

I-25 MP 155.5 Drainage Study ClientNMDOT Completion2014 Size10-Square Mile Watershed Cost$34,857.28 NMDOT tasked Molzen Corbin with completing a drainage report including scour analysis for the drainage basin contributing to the I-25 Milepost 155.5 Bridge crossing. The 10-square-mile drainage area was analyzed using HEC-HMS and HECRAS. Due to the rural conditions and drainage area size, Molzen Corbin compared scour analysis results … Read More

I-10 Corridor Drainage

I-10 Corridor Drainage ClientNMDOT Completion2013 Size170-Square Mile Watershed Cost$40,173,034 (Part of Larger 1-10 Interstate Project) The 6-lane corridor features more than 140 culvert extensions on the median to handle stormwater flows. The drainage basins extended from I-10 on the western end to the mountain peaks of the Organ and Franklin Mountains to the east. Overall, there were 237 sub-basins, and … Read More

Los Morros Drainage

Los Morros Drainage ClientLos Lunas Completion2009 SizeTwo Dams (Over 50 acre-feet Each) Cost$1.1 million Molzen Corbin acted as the Engineer Supervising Construction for this $1.1-million flood control project, which was designed to protect the Village of Los Lunas against flows from a nearby arroyo. Project elements included two dams of over 50 acre-feet each, berms, and drainage channelization. The project … Read More

Sand Hill Arroyo Drainage Study

Sand Hill Arroyo Drainage Study ClientLas Cruces Completion2014 Size30 square miles Cost$228,335.83 The Sand Hill Arroyo is a major watershed in the City of Las Cruces that flows from the Organ Mountains to the Doña Ana Drain. This project included the hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of the Sand Hill Arroyo Drainage Basin and its tributaries. With recent improvements to the … Read More

Las Cruces Arrowhead Drainage

Arrowhead Drainage ClientLas Cruces Completion2013 SizeN/A Cost$1,341,460 The storm drainage system design included recharge pits throughout the roadway that allow for a majority of the runoff to be managed by percolation on site. The system provides for overflow via a perforated conduit that collects stormwater within these recharge pits and directs flow into various arroyos. The design of the roadway … Read More

El Porvenir Neighborhood Drainage

El Porvenir Neighborhood Drainage ClientBernalillo County Completion2008 SizeN/A Cost$499,511 Molzen Corbin assisted Bernalillo County with the design of the first of several phases of storm drain design that will ultimately remove the El Porvenir neighborhood, in the County’s South Valley, from a floodplain. The improvements consisted of storm drain construction and roadway replacement. Scope of WorkDrainage Engineering Download Project DetailsShare … Read More

Belen Recreation Park Drainage

Belen Recreation Park Drainage ClientBelen Completion2008 SizeN/A Cost$233,628 This project restored damaged areas caused by extreme rainfall events and included grading of the channel and installation of grade control structures and rip-rap armor to protect strategic channel locations. Located in an urban recreation park, the channel was designed and constructed with an equilibrium slope to properly route future rainfall events … Read More

Barelas Storm Drainage

Barelas Storm Drainage ClientAlbuquerque Completion2007 Size182,000 GPM Cost$825,922 Hundred-year storms overwhelmed the Barelas Pump Station in 2006, contributing to flooding that displaced hundreds of residents. After analysis of the station’s equipment and communication with operators, Molzen Corbin determined that the existing bar screen needed to be replaced. Additionally, a hydraulic analysis of the station indicated that the influent channel needed … Read More

Callaway Drive Emergency Repair

Callaway Drive Emergency Repair ClientCarlsbad Completion2014 Size300-Foot Repair Cost$196,116 In 2013, a major storm hit the City of Carlsbad flooding the Pecos River. The Carlsbad Irrigation District was forced to release water from the Avalon Dam into the Pecos River, which ultimately flooded Callaway Drive. Approximately 300 feet of the roadway asphalt was washed out and floated down the river. … Read More