300-Foot Repair



In 2013, a major storm hit the City of Carlsbad flooding the Pecos River. The Carlsbad Irrigation District was forced to release water from the Avalon Dam into the Pecos River, which ultimately flooded Callaway Drive. Approximately 300 feet of the roadway asphalt was washed out and floated down the river. This project was designed under an accelerated schedule by Molzen Corbin. Our team performed surveys, conducted damage assessments, negotiated with FEMA to cover some of the damage, and coordinated with the US Army Corps of Engineers to facilitate the design effort. The decision was made to replace the asphalt with a concrete section of roadway, so the roadway will not erode in the future. The project was completed and Callaway Drive was reopened within six months of the storm event.

Scope of Work

Roadway Design, Drainage Engineering, Grants/Funding