Zuni Pueblo




2 Wells (1,430 GPM Each)
Two 1-million Gallon Tanks
14 miles of Transmission Line
8 miles of Distribution Lines



For more than 20 years, the Pueblo of Zuni depended on bottled water for all of their drinking water needs. The Pueblo hired Molzen Corbin to help the Pueblo solve their water supply and distribution system needs. Subsequently, we completed a comprehensive water master plan which led to the phased implementation of $14-million-dollars-worth of significant improvements to the water supply, storage, and distribution system in this rural community. Molzen Corbin was instrumental in assisting the Pueblo to obtain the funding necessary to complete this project. The project had to be designed and built in manageable phases to parallel funding sources.

Scope of Work

Water, Grants/Funding, Construction Observation/Administration