Santa Fe Municipal Airport


2006 (2019 In Design)


9,700 square-foot airport terminal building



ADA compliance safety issues and post-9/11 security requirements were instrumental in triggering the renovation of the Santa Fe Municipal Airport Terminal. The overriding project challenge was integrating modern technology into the unique architectural design context of the original building. Molzen Corbin’s resulting renovations addressed the safety and security issues and also created a warm, welcoming environment for travelers. Components included ADA-compliant restrooms, check-in and car rental counters, and more accessible sidewalks. Previous circulation space was transformed into a comfortable waiting area, lighting was supplemented, retaining historical existing fixtures, and the existing HVAC system was retained with modifications for improved comfort. Molzen Corbin has continued to support the airport terminal with continued upgrades and renovations. We are currently designing a $9-million expansion to the terminal building that will at least double the current footprint.

Scope of Work

Airport Engineering, Funding/Grants, Construction, Observation/Administration, Architecture