Los Lunas







Molzen Corbin completed the design of accessibility, safety, and bicycle/pedestrian enhancements along NM 314. On the west side of the roadway, a new 10-foot walkway was constructed along with new landscaping, a new bike lane on southbound NM 314, accessibility and safety enhancements, and intersection pedestrian enhancements and crossings. Along the east side of NM 314 between Main Street and Courthouse Road, a new asphalt bike trail was constructed parallel to the railroad tracks, separated from the roadway (“Rails with Trails” concept). It included amenities such as landscaping, resting areas, and major safety enhancements related to the proximity of the railroad-like fencing and a new pedestrian crossing at Santa Fe Street. This project also included a “smart crosswalk” across NM 314 at Otero. An in-pavement lighting system and overhead warning beacons actively warn motorists when pedestrians attempt to cross.

Scope of Work

Architecture, Landscaping, Roadway Design, Drainage Engineering