City of Albuquerque




Two 500HP Motors



Originally constructed in 1962, the Duranes Storm Pump Station collects runoff from approximately 300 acres with inlet flows up to 117,000 gpm. The existing 2300V electrical equipment began to experience failures. The untypical voltage presented issues for replacement components. Additionally, the exposed resister bank presented safety concerns for operational staff. Molzen Corbin was contracted to replace motors and respective electrical equipment. The existing 2,300V, primary metered service was replaced with a 480V secondary metered service. The new service equipment included a maintenance switch to reduce fault energy. The two 450-HP motors were replaced with 500-HP motors due to historical current readings and over-temperature issues. VFDs with emergency across-the-line bypass contactors replaced the existing starter.

Scope of Work

Electrical Engineering, Construction Observation/Administration