Albuquerque International Sunport, City of Albuquerque




80 Acres



The Molzen Corbin Team designed and oversaw construction of the Aviation Center of Excellence (ACE) project located within the Albuquerque Sunport property. The ACE project is envisioned as an emerging business hub, promoting economic growth and collaboration between Albuquerque’s R&D community and the global marketplace. The project started with demolition of all the existing airfield pavements and existing infrastructure (water, sewer, landscaping, etc.). The improvements included roadways, new utility extensions, drainage/grading, landscaping and irrigation, and storm drainage improvements. These improvements included not only work on the interior ACE campus, but also extended to Gibson Blvd. and Girard Blvd. The Aviation Department owns the ACE.

Scope of Work

Airport Engineering, Grants/Funding, Site Development