60th Anniversary Mural

Working for Molzen Corbin affords us the unique privilege to plan, design, construct and use the facilities we conceive in our mind. Looking carefully at this illustrative community mural, everything you see represents a real project Molzen Corbin has designed over the course of our company’s 60+ year history. We selected 38 representative projects from large and small communities across the disciplines of Water, Wastewater, Transportation, Stormwater, Aviation, Electrical, Architecture, and Landscape Architecture, with most projects involving multiple disciplines. Many talented and dedicated team members over our rich history have poured their hearts and hard work into these successful projects to build up the communities we serve. Behind every project we do at Molzen Corbin, we are grateful for our wonderful clients and the agencies that fund infrastructure for a higher quality of life in our communities where we live-work-and-play.

This is a tribute to numerous partner subconsultants and suppliers that have been an integral part of our many design teams through the years, as well as the talented construction contractors & subcontractors that took our ideas and brought them to life. Our past success has cemented in a solid foundation for the current and future engineers and architects of Molzen Corbin that will develop a new “Mural of Success” over the next 60 years and beyond.

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Created by renowned local New Mexican artist, Scott Kuykendall