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Water Engineering

As the lifeblood of the community, we pledge our talents and energies to bringing excellence to the field of New Mexico’s most precious resource. As specialists in municipal consulting, we often work with our clients over the span of several decades, providing the vital infrastructure their communities need to grow and develop. No other firm has had such a significant, dynamic affect in providing safe drinking water and designing projects that exceed regulations for our New Mexico clients.

Our water infrastructure engineering services include the following:

  • Water System Studies and Master Planning
  • Water System Mapping and Modeling
  • Water Distribution System Analysis, Planning, and Design
  • Booster Pumping Facilities Design
  • Water Storage Facilities Design
  • Well Design and Evaluation
  • System Loop Analysis
  • Water Treatment Facilities Design
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual and Training
  • Construction Observation and Administration
  • User Rate Studies
  • Start-Up Services

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