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Landscape Architecture

With such a varied and compelling natural landscape in New Mexico, we feel that landscape architecture when purposefully planned and designed, can enhance the beauty and aesthetic enjoyment of our State. At Molzen Corbin, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life of our client communities through parks, trails, landscape designs and natural enhancements that are beautiful, purposeful, and sustainable.

Our goal is to create an enjoyable experience that celebrates New Mexico’s unique and diversified landscape. We pride ourselves on producing context-sensitive landscape and park designs that are specific to the needs and desires of the community and appropriate to its history and culture. 

Our expertise includes park designs for the following facilities:

  • Picnic Areas
  • Jogging/Walking Trails
  • Native, Exotic, and Specialized Landscaping and Irrigation
  • Athletic Fields and Courts
  • Stormwater Features Such as Ponds and Arroyos
  • Site Master Planning
  • Streetscape and Pedestrian Enhancements
  • Construction Observation and Administration


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