State-of-the-Art Projects with a New Mexico Touch

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Angel Fire

Since the early 1980's, Molzen Corbin’s airport engineers have addressed all phases of airport improvements at Angel Fire Airport, including this recent runway rehabilitation. 


Molzen Corbin designed the Runway 17-35 Reconstruction which also included the design for the renovation of the runway lighting and airfield guidance signs.


Molzen Corbin has served the City of Moriarty as Airport Engineers since 1989, providing a full range of airport airfield and infrastructure engineering services. Moriarty is one example of the many general airports that the Molzen Corbin Airport Team works with on an on-call basis throughout New Mexico.

Las Cruces

During Molzen Corbin’s long tenure providing engineering services at Las Cruces International Airport, many innovative techniques were developed and used in the design, construction and renovation of runways and taxiways at New Mexico’s 2nd largest airport.

Santa Fe

Molzen Corbin has specialized in airport engineering for over 50 years. We have designed runways, taxiways, aprons, buildings, and other airport infrastructure for airports across New Mexico, including at the Santa Fe Airport SAF since 1988.


Molzen Corbin has served as the City of Albuquerque’s primary airport engineer for more than 4 decades.


Molzen Corbin designed the runway, airfield drainage, water system, and sanitary sewer system for Spaceport America – the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport. For the runway, our mission and the design challenge was to translate an abstract vision of space travel into real-world, practical design.


The award-winning North I-25 Reclamation/Reuse System Nonpotable Surface Water Reclamation Project was designed by Molzen Corbin to architecturally blend into the natural environment. The result is a structure that incorporates curves and textures that blend into the native environment and express the concept of water.


Molzen Corbin phased this regional project in order to construct the new facility while maintaining full operation of the old. Because of the very tight construction site, Molzen Corbin  value-engineered the new treatment facility so that many of the administrative and processing facilities share the same building.

Los Alamos

Along with our specialty in designing the architecture of infrastructure comes a fundamental understanding of the design of laboratories for people that are programmed to be task-specific, while having the flexibility to seamlessly take on growth and modifications.