State-of-the-Art Projects with a New Mexico Touch

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Las Vegas

Molzen Corbin is experienced in the design of water treatment facilities.


Our transportation engineers worked with UNM’s needs within the City’s requirements to provide a median layout on University Avenue by the PIT Arena that functions during a normal day, as well as during the busiest games, for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Valencia County

This county-wide, computerized transportation study represents the most detailed study available on the Belén, Los Lunas and Bosque Farms areas. Molzen-Corbin coordinated this study with the Mid Region Council of Governments (MRCOG) and the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT).


Molzen Corbin recently designed a multi-use path connection between a roadway (Mesa Road), through a high school, to a multipurpose park area, that included development of safe pedestrian path and access control to the high school from a previously open, dirt road.


Molzen Corbin designed the Village’s Railroad Quiet Zone in 2007, following issuance of new Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) mandates. The FRA increased the minimum volume and duration required when sounding train horns at railroad crossings, potentially compromising the quality of life for residents in areas with high railroad traffic.


Molzen Corbin designed the State’s first Railroad Quiet Zone for the City of Alamogordo in 2006, after the issuance of new Federal Railroad Administration mandates that increased the minimum volume and duration required when sounding train horns at railroad crossings.

Las Cruces

After 14+ years in the planning stage alternating between the NMDOT and City of Las Cruces, Molzen Corbin was selected to address this project. By proposing “alternative footprints” reflecting the corridor’s multiple uses and offering harmonious transitions between roadway segments, the community finally accepted the design.

Los Lunas

This project focused on decreasing severe congestion in a high-traffic area close to a bank and post office. Molzen Corbin engineers worked extensively, with local businesses to develop sound viable solutions to tie in the Carson Drive improvements into their access points. 


Community pride and leadership commitment spurred the recent revitalization of Belén’s Becker Street, which updated everything from benches and street lamps, to pedestrian enhancements, to utilities and drainage. 


Molzen Corbin designed this high profile $21.3 million,1.1-mile, multi-lane, principal arterial that serves as the “Gateway to the City of Albuquerque” extending from I-25 to the Albuquerque International Sunport terminal.