State-of-the-Art Projects with a New Mexico Touch

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Los Lunas

The Valencia Regional Emergency Communication Center (VRECC) is a project that combines all the emergency communication centers for Valencia County. The design of this 11,100 sq. ft.


The Lea County Regional Airport Airfield Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Building was mechanically designed to include a highly energy-efficient Evaporative cooling and Natural gas heating system. The 8,200 sq. ft.


This Senior Center was designed, constructed, furnished, and equipped to provide meals and activity spaces, with a layout for future expansion.


Designed and constructed to harmonize with the context of its neighboring sites, the 6,500-square-foot Tijeras Senior Center is nestled into a hillside of this mountain community.

Santa Fe

The original interchange was constructed over 40 years ago, and at that time, was located in a rural part of Santa Fe County. The NMDOT selected this design for its ability to accommodate future traffic growth within this developing area of Santa Fe.

Nighttime View of the Mesilla Kiosko

The Molzen Corbin team ensured that the structure was refurbished according to current code requirements while maintaining its historic character, by designing improvements that re-used as much of the original material as possible. The entire Plaza was updated with modern amenities that included lighting improvements.


The Molzen Corbin team designed an innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective solution for the Sunport that included a photovoltaic system installed on top of carports and energy-efficient LED lighting designed to save energy and effectively maximize the lighting distribution.


The Anthony Water and Sanitation District was faced with a tremendous challenge of multiple constituents exceeding the EPA’s primary and secondary drinking water standards in their water, making it unsafe for consumption.  The Molzen Corbin team designed a centralized reverse osmosis treatment system that included a sophisticated blending config

Las Cruces

This award-winning project modernized geometrics, improved public safety and rebuilt aging infrastructure at the intersection of two major national highways. The finished roadway includes flyover bridges that keep traffic moving efficiently and new ramps with acceleration and deceleration zones that make the freeway entrances and exits safer.